Fundamental Frequencies

Fundamental Frequencies founders are two electronic engineers with a passion for music, and we’ve been talking to a lot of musicians and we’ve been asking them what do they really want? We keep getting the same reply. They want to go back to the sounds of the modular analog synthesizer of the 70‚Äôs.

That’s why we’re creating digitally controlled analog synthesizers, combining classic analog tones with the stability and convenience of digital technology. This way we can save presets, keep the system in tune and easily edit the sounds we’re working on.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire and enable musicians to create the sounds they truly want. We plan to release our first module mid 2023, and along that we’re documenting the core concepts of the electronics to teach musicians the fundamentals. Our modules offer an affordable and reliable way to experience the classic sound of the 70‚Äôs while creating something totally new. We invite you to join us and explore the possibilities.