Projects in Demonstrator Lab

Since 2017, many students and researchers have successfully used Demonstrator Lab to develop their ideas to maturity. This has led to the establishment of new companies offering new products and services. We present you an overview of the current participating projects below.


Attention Architects

“Eye-opening insights” Consumers make about 95% of their decisions without conscious awareness. Attention Architects objectively maps out their behavior by using biometrics such as eye tracking, skin conductance, and brain activity. In this way we tap into the non-conscious processes that truly underlie human behavior. In addition we run large N (e.g. 1000) online psychological experiments and cleverly designed questionnaires. With […]


Offers custom solutions using a combination of hard- and software with wireless data transfer (NFC) technology. This combination allows both big and small companies alike to have better and faster insight in internal processes. With our custom designed terminals we can register activities which then can be analysed through an app. Some examples would be: […]


CLImatic Manipulation of ECosystem Samples Due to climate change, the world as we knowtoday is rapidly changing. Temperatures are rising, and both rain events and periods of drought become more frequent, intense and longer lasting. These changes are affecting ecosystems and the services they provide (e.g. food production, water storage, nutrient cycling) in unknown ways. […]


Where we turn data into valuable insights. We solve the ever-occurring problem of having to wait for your fitness equipment, miss on the last spot is a restaurant or stand in line for a cup of coffee. We solve these problems and create value for business owners and their customers by providing real-time data. We […]


Vitamin empowered coffee The human body needs vitamins to produce energy so you can get the most out of your day. We understand it’s hard to eat balanced and with a busy life it’s not easy to get your daily dose of vitamins. Cupplement is a coffee capsule that contains a rich coffee blend combined […]


Calibration-free webcam eye-tracker based on deep learning DeepEye records eye movements using a regular webcam and cutting-edge AI algorithms. Eye-tracking is widely used to understand how humans process information. This information provides solutions for scientific research, marketing & advertising, building human-computer interfaces, and diagnosing mental disorders. DeepEye is designed to make eye-tracking available to everyone […]

Dry Eyes

A breakthrough method for non-invasive analysis of dry eye disease A significant number of individuals are affected moderately to severely by dry eyes. Consequences are discomfort, pain, limited vision and reduction of the quality of life. Despite this, no effective diagnostic technique is available. Our team of four physicists and an ophthalmologist is working on […]

Eddy Lite

Economical and easy use of eddy current based testing of carbon fiber composite and metals Eddy Lite provides economical and easy use of eddy current techniques to test materials and structures exploiting novel developments in integrated sensors and robotic scanning. The focus is on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) used in strong lightweight structures found in […]


Are you an employer who is interested in sustainable employability and decreasing absenteeism? Then Fitsurance offers the solution your company needs. We are specialized in increasing sustainable employability and reducing sick-leaves. We quantify your employees’ current physical, psychological and social health state via quarterly ‘health’ assessments and give consult accordingly. The regular health check-ups enables […]

Flame Away

The Throwable Fire Extinguisher, Be smart. Be safe. We are developing an easy to use, throwable fire extinguisher, able to help parents and families with kids who want to be protected and be safe from small domestic fire accidents. Our device will solve the problem of people’s inexperience in using the traditional fire extinguisher due […]