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MIT subsidy for analysis of smart system for exercise motivation

Fitsurance was awarded RVO MIT feasibility subsidy from Provincie Noord Holland. With this subsidy Fitsurance will investigate the feasibility of a Reinforcement Learning system that analyzes the best method to motivate someone to exercise more. The software is intended for patients with a metabolic disease and for healthy people to prevent metabolic diseases. The feasibility […]


Demonstrator Lab launch ASP

Following the tremendous success of the Demonstrator Lab at the VU campus, the Amsterdam knowledge institutes have decided to launch a new location at Amsterdam Science Park. The new location will be situated in the heart of the UvA Faculty of Science’s laboratories, on the ground floor of building D. The reconstruction of the lab […]


VU spin-off Incircular receives support from Noord-Holland Innovation Fund

VU spin-off Incircular received a €300,000 convertible loan from Noord-Holland Innovation Fund. With the loan, Incircular will further develop its INCYPRO technology to stabilize proteins for applications in research and drug discovery.  Proteins perform a plethora of essential tasks with unparalleled efficiency and specificity within every organism. It is these properties that have driven scientists […]


Students of UvA receive €100,000 for sign language project

Master students of the UvA and University of Oslo received €100,000 for the DITA project to bridge the communication gap between users of sign language and society. The DITA project, located in Demonstrator Lab, was awarded the STUD-ENT grant from the Research Council of Norway last April. There is a communication gap between users of […]


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