Wellbeing Companion

Timely, personalized mental health treatment accessible to all.

No call for help goes unanswered. At Wellbeing Companion we are on a mission to democratize mental health care by utilizing AI and providing timely, personalized support. We aim to make professional-level mental health treatment accessible to all.

Our tool is designed not just to react, but to proactively guide users through distressing moments with immediate, tailored interventions. Professionals, on the other hand, gain a comprehensive overview of patient well-being through a dedicated portal, enriching their in-session encounters. With features like multimodal interactions, holistic data integration, and real-time escalation, we don’t just aim to support, but to revolutionize the landscape of mental health care. Our mission: To democratize mental health access and ensure that no call for help goes unanswered, no matter the hour or location. Wellbeing Companion is not just another app—it’s a movement towards a brighter, mentally resilient future for all.