Storks Robotics Lab

AI-powered robotics for environmental sensing available through a configurable cloud platform.

As a low-cost, highly automated platform for environmental sensing, Storks Robotics Lab’s products reducee the entry barrier for any business that requires environmental sensing. The solution works by programmatically deploying a large array of inexpensive environmental sensors using AI-powered autonomous drones and ground robots. This allows us to collect high-resolution spatio-temporal data for pollutants and particles in the air, soil and water that are relevant for climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity losses. Using machine learning, we can create highly accurate representations of the environment and detect high-resolution changes. All without upfront costs for the clients. The resulting data and analysis is available through our configurable cloud platform. We will provide a new benchmark for businesses, trade groups, NGOs and governments to asses environmental impacts; test new approaches and technologies; and enable regulatory mechanisms such as emission trading and carbon pricing with low-cost, accessible and accurate measurement technologies. We want to become the Google Analytics of environmental impact assessment.
Why Demonstrator Lab?

We chose DLab, because it provides us with opportunity to develop our solution conveniently on the university campus and with access to their equipment. Specifically, there is a community of other startups, from whom we can learn about building our own business and collaborate. And its fun to be here!