Revolutionizing athlete safety with cutting-edge sport boots.

Postdator is focused on pioneering in the sports footwear market by developing an innovative Sports boot designed to enhance athlete safety and performance. We focuse on integrating advanced materials into footwear, addressing the critical need for impact resistance and support during high-intensity activities. Our team, passionate about sports and sustainability, leverages expertise in business, engineering, and market insight to create a product that stands out.

By tapping into an underserved segment craving for more protection in sports gear, Postdator aims to revolutionise injury prevention in sports beginning through footwear.

Why Demonstrator Lab?

Wwe choose the Demonstrator Lab because here we have access to an engineering lab with a lot of useful equipment like 3D scanners, laser cutter etc but most importantly it provides us with a community of like-minded individuals who also help with providing feedback and connections with relevant contacts.