AI-powered triage application.

Crafting an AI-powered triage application designed to revolutionize initial patient assessments in healthcare.
By harnessing the capabilities of advanced artificial intelligence, our project aims to mitigate excessive wait times and streamline the diagnostic process, enabling doctors and nurses to prioritize care with unprecedented efficiency. Our application leverages OpenAI’s sophisticated language models to interpret patient-reported symptoms through natural speech, creating a summarized report for healthcare providers. Simultaneously, it integrates seamlessly with existing electronic health records, ensuring that patient data enhances the decision-making process while remaining secure and private.
Why Demonstrator Lab?

The choice to partner with the VU Demonstrator Lab was strategic; it provides a fertile ground for innovation, offering access to a rich network of academic experts, tech professionals, and potential investors. The lab’s resources and mentorship programs have proven invaluable, allowing us to iterate rapidly on our prototype and conduct essential market research in a supportive, resource-rich environment. The collaborative atmosphere at the lab fosters creativity and has been instrumental in propelling our project from concept to a viable product that promises not just to meet but exceed the current and future demands of healthcare delivery.