DOEdeal! helps to create stronger connections between parent and child by redefining how you spend your quality time together!

DOEdeal! is an app focused on creating stronger relationships between parent and child by helping them more regularly spend quality time together. The app consists of different features facilitating ways to contribute to the quality time between the parent and child. This includes an activity list curreted to your personal and family needs and interests. There are two versions of this list, with one specifically designed for kids, it really offers an easy way for parents to engage their children.
Why Demonstrator Lab?

Working on this project Dlab has helped immensely not only by providing a place to work and network but also introducing DOEdeal! in their strong and supportive community. I’ve worked on this project for around 1,5 years (Oktober 2022) and since joining Dlab 6 months ago (September 2023) the business has started developing faster than before; from joining a startup program, pitching in front of a group with 120+ people to expending the team from 1 to 5 people!