Web App for Real-Life Networking, Simplified & Secure.

Crowds is an innovative web application designed to transform the way entrepreneurs and students connect, network, and socialize.

At the heart of Crowds is a mission to facilitate genuine, meaningful connections with a privacy-first approach. Our platform simplifies the networking process, offering an easy registration and a user-friendly interface that encourages real-life interactions over digital ones.

With Crowds, users spend minimal time on their phones, fostering authentic engagements. What sets Crowds apart is its unique method of connecting users: a mandatory selfie with each new contact ensures that connections are personal and organic. This feature not only enhances the privacy of interactions but also promotes a naturally expanding network of trusted individuals.

Currently in its testing phase, Crowds is built on a secure, scalable Django framework, poised for future growth and development. Our vision extends beyond mere networking; Crowds aims to be a navigational tool for social life, helping users discover potential job opportunities, business partners, romantic interests, and more. Whether you’re looking for a co-founder, an investor, or just a friend to explore the city with, Crowds is your gateway to a world of possibilities.