Veridis receives subsidy for further research into the analysis of recycled plastics

November 23, 2020

Veridis received a subsidy of € 70.000 euro through the TopSector Energy Industry (TSE Industry) for further research into the analysis of recycled plastics.

The research consists of an advancement in the fundamental physics of their plastic analysis method, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), and an economic viability study. This research is crucial for Veridis to develop their Proof-of-Concept; a full-scale version of their envisioned product.

Veridis is developing novel technology to close the loop within plastic recycling. The technology, an increased DSC analysis, provides advantages for plastic recycling and is able to increase the sample size by a factor 100.000. This provides plastic recyclers with a precise material fingerprint of their recycled plastic. This material fingerprint has several advantages. First, the technology allows plastic recyclers to analyze dark (black) plastics, which is not possible in the current market of quality control on recycled plastics. Second, the improved quality control leads to an increase of the commercial value of 25% for recycled plastics. Third, the fingerprint technology has the potential to detected toxic compounds and material degradation within the recycled plastics.

Recently, Veridis joined the Amsterdam Venture Studios after successfully developing a Proof-of-Principle setup able to analyze up to 2 grams of material with the aid of the Demonstrator Lab. Current development focusses on a scaled up version with a sample volume of 0.6L, to perform DSC analysis on an industrial scale.

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