NWO-Demonstrator Grant for methane leak detection

July 9, 2019

Imran Avci and Davide Iannuzzi (Vrije Univeriteit Amsterdam) have been awarded an NWO-Demonstrator Grant. The grant will give them the opportunity to test whether their PAS-WRAP technology can be used to detect methane leaks in oil and gas extraction facilities. The project is based on a new approach to gas trace detection that offers high sensitivity and high selectivity in a robust design suitable for in-field applications (patent filed). Thanks to this Demonstrator grant, Imran, Davide, and their team will engage with all the different stakeholders in the value chain and explore whether the current prototype can be made to meet the market requirements.

The NWO-Demonstrator programme is intended for researchers who want to apply knowledge acquired during their research and bring it to the market.