Madglove wins ASIF P!tch XL event, revolutionizing rehabilitation with innovative solution

June 21, 2023

Madglove, a participant in the Demonstrator Lab at VU Amsterdam, has clinched the top spot at the ASIF P!tch XL event, marking a significant milestone in their mission to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation. The startup’s innovative home-based solution aims to counteract the effects of hand spasticity, a common consequence of stroke that severely restricts hand functionality. By designing a smart and easy-to-use glove, Madglove empowers individuals to overcome the challenges posed by spasticity. Their our product offers daily support and thus enhances independence.

Hand spasticity
Hand spasticity, characterized by involuntary muscle contractions, often leads to limited mobility and dexterity, making everyday tasks difficult for individuals who experience it. Madglove’s solution combines the team’s great understanding of the problem and ergonomic design to address this issue comprehensively. The tool utilizes actuators strategically placed on a soft glove with an integrated wrist brace counteract muscle contractions, allowing users to maximize control over their hand movements. Madalina Riurean: “We pride ourselves in having designed a no-tech solution that makes our product accessible and easy to integrate in daily life.”

Madglove team with a solution
One of the key advantages of Madglove’s solution is its accessibility. By providing a home-based rehabilitation option, individuals can conveniently incorporate therapy into their daily routines, eliminating the need for frequent visits to medical facilities. This accessibility not only enhances convenience but also potentially reduces healthcare costs associated with traditional rehabilitation methods. The team consists of 5 young and ambitious co-founders with experience in physiotherapy, rehabilitation sciences, sport sciences, biological sciences and business, and got together while studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam! Read more about them here. 

Lasting impact
At IXA, we hope their achievement at the ASIF P!tch XL event serves as a step forward to make a lasting impact in the field of rehabilitation! Their mission is loud and clear:To form life-long relationships with people having spasticity and help them have a better life”. One of the members of the Madglove team will be going to Sillicon Valley this week, thanks to DutchTechSF, one of the sponsors of ASIF P!tch XL. We are curious to find out what the team will be bringing back!