Liion Power joins the ACE incubation program!

October 19, 2020

Liion Power is a new startup in Demonstrator Lab. They focus on the design of a smart external Lithium-ion battery charge optimizer to increase the longevity and performance of any Li-ion battery. They recently pitched their product and business plan and were also selected to join the ACE incubation program!

Smart solution for increased longevity of your daily used battery products!
Batteries, and especially the most commonly used battery type (lithium-ion batteries), are playing an increasingly significant role in our life and we rely on the continued performance of these batteries. However, the capacity of Li-ion batteries degrades over time, partly to bad charging behavior. At Liion Power, they are working on a solution for this problem; the design of a smart external Li-ion battery charge optimizer to increase the longevity and performance of any Li-ion battery.

ACE selection
Liion Power is also selected for the ACE incubation program! This program helps to turn your tech or science startup idea into a successful company. ACE will offer a 9-week incubation program, followed by 2 years of guidance. This includes knowledge on how to run a successful company, access to networks, and individual mentoring sessions. The 2+ year survival rate of projects that join this incubation program is more than 70%! This will help Liion Power to establish their brand and scale up their business.

About Liion Power
Liion Power was founded by Jardo Stammeshaus, a Cum Laude Physics and a Science, Business and Innovation [double] master student, and Tobias Slieker, a Science, Business & Innovation master student and sales professional. They were recently admitted to Demonstrator Lab to develop their proof-of-principle and their minimum viable product.

Vibrant entrepreneurial environment
The combination of the Demonstrator Lab and ACE, combined with science-based entrepreneurship education (SBEE), offers the perfect set of building blocks for university-industry technology transfer and creating spin-offs through entrepreneurship education. This is a mouth full, but it comes down to this: any idea can be turned into a successful business, and you do not have to do it alone! The vibrant Amsterdam startup scene is full of opportunities and people that are eager to help you take the step, and be your seatbelt, in the entrepreneurship rollercoaster.