Fitsurance is selected for the Health Impact Accelerator!

October 19, 2020

The Health Impact Accelerator is the Business support scheme of Health ~ Holland from the Life Sciences & Health topsector (TKI:LSH) of The Netherlands. The program was launched in 2019 and this year is the second edition. The Health Impact Accelerator (HIA) prepares participants to become social entrepreneurs, during the HIA the participants are introduced to the added value – and the challenges – of social entrepreneurship. Moreover, they translate their idea into a solid business case. Throughout this process, coaches and support are available. In ten weeks the participants will become acquainted with various aspects and parties of social entrepreneurship. The program consists of a series of five events with different themes.

Fitsurance uses data, measurements of health parameters and personal advice to help people reach their goals in the field of vitality, health, fitness and resilience. By using measurement and interventions, people get a better insight to their physical and mental wellbeing. Fitsurance analyses the results and translates this to practical movement, nutrition and lifestyle advice, tuned to the personal situation of the client.

Fitsurance aims to improve their business model, get in touch with social investors, fund managers, experts from health insurance companies and likeminded entrepreneurs with many innovative ideas. The program is expected to be good for development of Fitsurance’s business, to expand their team and network, but also for Social Media engagement (good PR!) and goodwill (as the focus is on social entrepreneurship). They will get to know more about the benefits and challenges of social entrepreneurship in the field of healthcare and try to find ways to innovate, and thereby, contribute to make the Dutch population healthier.

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