Demonstrator Lab @Science Park welcomes first projects

January 31, 2022

The successful university incubator Demonstrator Lab Amsterdam will also soon open its doors at the Amsterdam Science Park in building 904. Thanks to the huge success at the VU location and the enormous need for such a living lab, the incubator is expanding with a location in the UvA FNWI building. At both locations, researchers and students from the HvA, UvA, VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC can go to develop and test their research-based idea for a product, service or start-up.

The first four Demonstrator Lab Science Park projects have started. Eddy Lite (until recently active in Demonstrator Lab Zuidas), led by Dr Rudolf Sprik (FNWI-IoP), offers economical and simple use of eddy currents-based tests of carbon fiber composite and metals. FireFly, a project of Dr Shayne Bennetts and Prof Florian Schreck (FNWI-IoP), has the potential to revolutionize the production of custom optical printed circuit boards for quantum technology. ImRheo of Dr Mazi Jalaal (IoP) is developing a cost-effective and easily accessible method for image-based rheology, studying the properties and deformation of materials, based on image processing and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, Flowsure of Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2021 winner Tom Brouwer (AMC) is developing urine monitors that automatically alarm when urine production stops. This increases patient safety and reduces the workload for employees: who now have to check every patient several times a day.