Cupplement launches vitamin coffee

November 20, 2020

The sports clubs are closed. People stay at home, all day long. Apart from the fact that this can bore you, it also affects your health. Fortunately, in a few weeks there will be a product that has the mission to keep people healthy while sitting at home.

In collaboration with Demonstrator Lab the team of Cupplement has been working hard on the development of their company. Cupplement is a Nespresso®️-compatible coffee capsule, which besides coffee also contains superfoods and vitamins. The supplements in the coffee provide a healthy energy boost. Not for an hour like a normal cup of coffee, but all day long. This is due to the combination of essential vitamins and superfoods, including the coffee.

Last week Cupplement placed their order for their first batch of coffee cups in cooperation with Demonstrator Lab. They will receive the product in a few weeks and the possibility to pre-order the product is now available. In the first few weeks of the pre-order they already had more than 1000 pre-orders. Including many companies that order it for their the offices.

To order your coffee capsules and for more information please visit the Cupplement website: