Blieep and Photosynthetic to AVS VU-Campus

July 8, 2020

Two startups from the Demonstrator Lab moved to the AVS-VU Campus after successfully testing and developing their initial idea into an early-stage startup:

Using a combination of hard- and software and wireless data transfer (NFC) technology, Blieep offers solutions to register a wide range activities which can be analyzed through an app by the customer. Blieep works for big and small companies focusing on solutions such as internal payment systems or student registration, to relieve clients from the burden of cash handling or manual registration systems.

After going through the Demonstrator Lab track and finishing the Take Off Phase One project at NWO, Photosynthetic is now working on a variation of their initial project. A spin-off from Centrum voor Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), Photosynthetic develops a rapid, high-resolution 3D print technique for objects smaller than a millimeter. This technology makes rapid prototyping for these kinds of objects possible and reduces the production costs significantly. Website:

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