Amsterdam Academic Angel Fund invests in MycoFarming®

May 29, 2024

Amsterdam Academic Angel Fund invests in MycoFarming®. Founded by Juan Cruz Tubio, MycoFarming®’s team combines expertise in mycology, IT engineering and ecology, driving their strategy towards developing low-maintenance, but effective environmental solutions. Amsterdam Academic Angel Fund is proud to support MycoFarming® and their mission to address the critical nitrogen crisis and revolutionize nutrient management in agriculture.

Why MycoFarming®?

MycoFarming is innovating sustainable agriculture through its pioneering mycofiltration technology. Using the natural filtration capabilities of fungal mycelium, they effectively capture and degrade harmful nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, from agricultural runoff before these pollutants reach our water bodies.

Innovative Solution

Their biofilters, based on mycelium, can reduce nutrient emissions by 60 to 90%, transforming harmful substances into biomass that enriches soil fertility. This process not only supports clean water initiatives but also promotes a sustainable, circular approach to nutrient management.

Sustainability and Efficiency

This 100% organic solution aligns with global efforts to reduce environmental footprints, offering farmers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional water treatment methods. MycoFarming’s system is designed for easy integration with existing agricultural practices, requiring minimal maintenance yet providing significant impact.


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