Alumni programme

Are you an alumnus? You can still join the Demonstrator Lab!

Do you want to meet the students and researchers who are incubating the next big thing at our Demonstrator Lab locations? Do you want to be updated about innovative ideas that may soon take the lead in the market? Or are you looking for opportunities to team up with the next generation of academic entrepreneurs? Then join the Demonstrator Lab Community now!

A hands-on, risk-free, failure friendly entrepreneurship laboratory 
Demonstrator Lab is a laboratory established at the Amsterdam universities for transforming ideas into innovative products and services. As alumnus of the UvA or VU, you have the exclusive opportunity to become an active member of our community and enjoy an attractive set of benefits like:

  • direct access to our groups, who knows maybe you find the conditions to team up with one of them;
  • the possibility to tap into our extended network of researchers, entrepreneurs, and business experts;
  • access to the monthly Demonstrator Lab User Meetings, where you will hear the latest news about our academic entrepreneurship activities, meet new people, and, if you wish, give a pitch yourself;
  • a personal invitation to our Open Days, where you will be given the opportunity to mingle with our stakeholders, our students, and our distinguished guests;
  • an invitation to our special annual Beta Alumni Supporters event;
  • listed on the Demonstrator Lab website with your membership as ‘Beta Alumni Demonstrator Lab Supporter’;
  • a copy of the book ‘Entrepreneurship for Physicists’, signed by the author Davide Iannuzzi.

We offer Beta Alumni Demonstrator Lab Supporter membership at € 125,00 per year (excl. VAT), plus an one-off enrollment costs of € 25,00 (excl. VAT).

Join our Demonstrator Lab community now!