Facilities and support

D-Lab offers participants advice and support on all aspects of the idea-to-market process. Participating projects have access to lab facilities, lab space and office space (for a total of 580 sqm) in an environment dedicated to stimulating entrepreneurship. In addition to this D-Lab has arranged for access to the facilities of the mechanical and electronic workshop of the VU Faculty of Science.

What can you expect from us?

Network connections
The D-Lab Team connects you to her extended network, partners and the academic and applied science environment as a whole. We also stimulate you to interact with the other D-Lab participants.

Our network consists of mentors, coaches, a variety of experts, business strategists, venture capitalists, market analysts, and last but not least: potential users for your product or service. All these people, peers and colleagues help you to formulate a set of hypotheses and milestones, and perform tests with real customers.