Projects in Demonstrator Lab

Since 2017, many students and researchers have successfully used Demonstrator Lab to develop their ideas to maturity. This has led to the establishment of new companies offering new products and services. We present you an overview of the current participating projects below.

Mid Infrared Spectrometer

Reading the color code of molecules To analyse substances, we look at the “color” of the infrared light that is reflected from them. This is called the molecular spectrum. It gives a sort of fingerprint identification for that specific molecule. This fingerprint, especially of large molecules (f.e. biological molecules and special functions in those molecules) […]


Mobile molecular visualization for the future of educators and researchers Molecules are three dimensional, blackboards and projectors are two dimensional. We aim to help educators and researchers visualize molecules in three dimensions by visualizing the structures in VR, all from the convenience of their mobile device.


Niluk app is a social network app that facilitates meaningful social contact among young adults.  Do what you like most, with people you like, where and whenever you want to.  Invite others to join you for a concert, go for a run together, or invite someone for a study session.  Be spontaneous, find like minded people […]

Ohnana Tents

Sleep better and get the most out of your festival or camping experience Ohnana Tents: looking to solve a common problem that occurs when camping on hot summer days: trying to sleep or relax in what becomes an oven-like tent once the sun rises. This Dutch startup developed an affordable, heat-reflective camping tent that tackles […]


Pricespot is a Google Chrome plugin that helps you compare prices in online shops The difference between Pricespot and other price comparison tools is that it works for all products and online shops around the world.


The intelligent boxing bag for immediate, accurate, and reliable monitoring of impact force Strike-f(x) is an intelligent boxing bag for immediate, accurate, and reliable monitoring of impact force. Strike-f(x) is designed to give individuals total freedom of movement – to punch, kick, knee, tackle – and, yet, have accurate and reliable feedback about the force, […]


Upgrade your workspace with human-centric lighting SunInside Creates desk light that simulates the sun light, by changing from light collar and varying from light intensity to restore the biorhythm of office employees.


Improving the plastic recycling process by providing a representative volumetric thermal analysis Veridis Instruments decreases the uncertainty in the recycling industry by increasing the accuracy and ease of use of the analytical methods currently being used in the industry. By decreasing the uncertainties of the recycled plastics, we increase the value of the plastic batches. […]