Apply for D-Lab

Joining Demonstrator Lab could very well be your first step towards a successful endeavour in bringing knowledge to the marketplace.
If you want to apply for D-Lab we need to know more about you. Please, fill in your 30 seconds pitch following the scheme below (adapted from G. A. Moore’s book entitled “Crossing the Chasm”):

  • FOR (indicate your target customer)
  • WHO (explain the customer’s problem)
  • WE HAVE DEVELOPED/WANT TO DEVELOP (describe the features/functions of your product or service)
  • THAT (describe how the features/functions solve the problem)
  • UNLIKE COMPETING PRODUCTS, WHICH (describe why the solutions offered by the competition does not work)
  • WE (describe your unique selling point)

Entry Form D-Lab

What happens after you applied?

After we received your application our team will evaluate your project and proposal and we will contact you shortly after.